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John has more than 18 years of experience with expertise in Proposal Cost Management and Enterprise Architecture. Has strong knowledge in the following:

• Program and Project Scheduling
• Configuration Management
• Systems Development
• Systems Integration and Administration
• Business Architecture and Functionality
• Accounting, Auditing, and Quality Control
• Business Management and Economic Analysis
• Human Resource Development
• Career Management

Designed and implemented secure electronic mail systems and email enabled applications for the White House and the Executive Office of the President of the United States for seven years. Responsible for maintaining mail and application servers, Intranet and Internet gateways and firewalls.

Earned two Masters degrees. Earned BS degree in Business with a double major inAccounting and Economics.

Professional experience in FBI, DOD, FAA, Capitol Hill, & White House. Worked as a professional Accountant, Auditor, Economist, Business & Industry Analyst, Business Strategic Planning specialist, small business owner, and consultant.

PROPOSAL COST MANAGER - Most Recently , John has led and supported the completion of Cost Estimates for Proposals and Rough Order of Magnitude Go / No decisions. Led and / or supported completion of Cost Volumes. Develop and maintain effective working relationship within Pricing Team, Business Management, Proposal Team, Program Team and Publications personnel.


Proposal Cost Management Experiences

·     Gather cost inputs and processes data through Microsoft Project, Excel, and / or Pricing software

·     Create required Cost Reports and analyze cost elements

·     Lead BOE - Basis of Estimate process and review work of others

·     Identify data inconsistencies within Cost Volume estimates and ensure corrective action taken

·     Work on Proposals and ROMs managed at multiple geographic locations

·     Supervisory experience and mentoring others

·     Experience with Microsoft Project, Excel, Visio, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, Freemind, Adobe Reader software

 Proposal Cost Management Capabilities

 ·     Extract relevant details from customer RFP - Request for Proposal pertaining to Requirements, Work Breakdown Structure, Contract Line Items, and Cost Volume development

·     Prepare Cost Kickoff materials and templates to facilitate Estimating Process

·     Lead or assist in timely completion of Cost Volumes for Proposals and ROMs

·     Provide counsel to Estimators for Basis of Estimate documents, Consolidated Bill of Materials, Travel Estimates etc.

·     Review and critique form and content of Estimates

·     Understand, build and use WBS - Work Breakdown Structure(s) to ensure data are correctly and consistently entered into Pricing software

·     Collect data, input estimates, and produce Cost Reports. Maintain orderly records to ensure a comprehensive audit trail of Proposal and ROM data.

·     Extract historical data for comparable programs and provide to Estimators

·     Perform analysis of costs through multiple iterations

·     Provide cost and price data to enable management reviews

·     Perform quality control function for consolidated Cost Volume documents. Analyze data, make specific recommendations for correcting any deficiencies and ensure appropriate corrections are made

·     Assemble notebooks of supporting proposal documentation in preparation for Customer queries and DCAA Audits

·     Assist in checking and analyzing cost and pricing data to ensure accuracy of Proposals and ROMs

·     Proactively identify problems and take initiative to ensure quick resolution

·     Possess demonstrated interpersonal skills, ability to accomplish assigned duties with a minimum of supervision, and ability to function effectively as part of a diverse team

·     Provide cost-related support during customer fact-finding and negotiations, and during proposal audits

·     Train Estimators in proper Basis of Estimate and Bill of Material development

·     Consistently demonstrate commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. Take responsibility for self-checking accuracy of Work overtime with minimal advanced notice, if business conditions dictate

·     Work confidently and accurately under tight time constraints. Operate with a sense of urgency.

·     Interface effectively with all levels of a Proposal Team or Program Management Team

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Keane Federal Systems Inc
FBI Headquarters Washington, DC

Senior Management IT Consultant

Unit Manager led a small team of highly effective Enterprise Architecture (EA) consultants within the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Enterprise Architect

Supported senior level architects in developing business, infrastructure, application, technical, and service architectures for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

• Responsible for design and deployment of a Telelogic System Architect v10.4 system.

• Supervised senior architect and database administrator in deploying a Microsoft Access database supporting standard and ad hoc reporting to Senior Level Management.

• Obtained approval from Senior Level Architects for a Microsoft.Net SQL Server deployment of Telelogic System Architect integrating with Metier Worklenz, a comprehensive project portfolio management tool.

• Managed integration efforts with the Investment Management Unit providing OMB Exhibit 53 data.

• Integrated Project Management Unit data into Enterprise Architecture repository.

• Drafted a data architecture model based on Telelogic System Architect, incorporated Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) components into the model.

• Utilized Microsoft.Net SharePoint Server 2001 to find, share, and publish business information.

• Managing the integration of Microsoft.Net SQL Server 2000 to store, retrieve, and analyze structured EA XML data with Telelogic System Architect v10.4 and Metier WorkLenz v5.0.

• Prepared Enterprise Architecture Unit Project Management Plans providing level of work, resources, and timing input to Government and other contractors.

• Managed integration efforts between Business Process Engineering and Enterprise Architecture teams.

• Researched Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) options for EA adoption and endorsement.

• Establishing a SOA Implementation Plan for the Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office.

• Achieved Level 4 on the GAO and OMB EA Maturity Models.


Telelogic System Architect, Microsoft.Net SharePoint and SQL Server, MS Access, MS Project, MS Outlook and MS Office products.

ManTech Intl Corp
FBI Task Force Contract
Crystal City, VA
Employed: 2003 - 2006

Senior Management IT Consultant

Branch Manager led a small team of highly effective Enterprise Architecture (EA) leads within the Chief Information Office of an FBI Task Force.

Interacted closely with Senior Level Government counterparts, users, and customers comprised of twelve different homeland security and law enforcement oriented agencies.

Managed and maintained oversight of multiple EA initiatives impacting any one or more of the Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, Risk Assessment, and Law Enforcement Investigative Support operating units.

Worked collaboratively with EA government leadership, customer EA representatives, and clients to assess needs, resolve problems and set, manage and meet EA-related expectations.

Acted as IT Governance liaison to the OCIO EA Director and the EA Steering Committee providing leadership, management and support to investment owners as their projects came before this committee and others for periodic review.

Broad-based and in-depth technical knowledge included high-level understanding and familiarity with the following:

- user requirements definition process
- business architecture and functionality
- data and application component architecture
- technology standards
- network infrastructures
- software engineering project lifecycles
- data and metadata standards
- design and application of taxonomy
- Service Oriented Architecture
- configuration and change management

Supported the mission of the FBI Headquarters/OCIO/the Task Force with hands-on involvement and collaboration in the 1) integration, deployment, and operationalizing of the assimilated EA components, 2) architecting of the “to-be” architecture, and 3) crafting and helping to execute an effective transition plan.

Supported EA liaison to FBI Headquarters and Task Force Capital Planning and Procurement Control (CPIC) committees and members employing Popkin System Architect. Supported and maintained oversight of customers’ efforts in completing successful Part II.A sections of their annual OMB Exhibit 300, ensuring that relevant EA information and details were provided.

Engaged and supported the Task Force's Program Management Office (PMO), CPIC and IT Strategic Planning initiatives relative to Enterprise Architecture planning and rollout.

Strategic Planning - Able to grasp the mission of the Task Force as well as those of the Operating Units that serviced the investigative needs of twelve different partnering agencies. Analyzed and compared business functions of each operating unit to determine how it supported or should be changed in order to support the combined mission of the customers involved. Able to communicate this combined mission and vision into specific IT solutions.

Program Management - Managed multiple EA projects and ensured that projects were delivered on time within budget and in line with existing project management processes and procedures.

Project Planning - Developed high-level Project Management Plans, Scope statements, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Schedules, Risks, Assumptions and Contingency. Gained knowledge of functional and organizational interdependencies between the various operating units and the OCIO.

Report Project Status - Reported on project progress, issues and risks working closely with the existing Project Management Office. Supervised daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly project status reports.

Advised, guided and supported the EA planning process to consumers at all levels on the use, application, implementation and maintenance of EA-related data and information.

Ensured that the Client derived the maximum benefits from the EA planning process products.

Completed tasks and deliverables assigned by the Program Manager including periodic progress reporting.

Established constructive cross-functional relationships with peers, mentors and leaders involved with collateral initiatives.

Kept Team Leads informed of progress and issues in a timely manner.

Led the development, execution and maintenance of assigned EA planning process initiatives that served separately or on combination to support achievement of Mission and/or Business goals and objectives.

Evaluated User-specific requirements and recommended how each could be incorporated.

Identified feasible alternative solutions that minimized the need for custom development.

Reviewed existing work practices to recommend modifications or enhancements that enabled the client and others to derive maximum benefits from the capabilities or solutions.

Identified external data or interface requirements necessary to deliver fully optimized EA products and services.

Provided assistance with the specification of representative Mission and Business scenarios and test scripts for Conference Room Pilot and final acceptance testing of Task Force driven solutions.

Transferred appropriate business and technical skills to other Team Members.

Identified and pursued business development opportunities.

10+ years of large scale project and program management experience within an early-stage IT environment where priorities, goals and objectives evolved rapidly to meet mission needs and requirements.

Top Secret and above Clearance - FBI, White House, and CIFA

PMP Trained by George Washington University Affiliate

Northrop Grumman, Inc
Executive Office of the President of the United States
Washington, DC 20850
1996 - 2003

Senior Systems/Applications Security Expert

President@WhiteHouse.Gov - Designed, coordinated and guided development, deployed, and managed world-class secure systems for White House Internet electronic mail serving the President, First Lady, Vice President and his wife.

Secured systems against all forms of service attacks, intrusion detection and prevention, storming detection and prevention. White House mail security systems never compromised or service stopped by Internet attackers during my tenure since 1996.

Daily average volume for President grew from 2,000 in 1996 to 13,000 messages in 2003 with peak volume around 70,000 messages a day. 9 million Internet mail messages received since Jan, 2001.

Threat Detection

Designed, coordinated and guided development, deployed, and managed automated threat detection and reporting system. Interfaced with White House, Executive Office of the President Correspondence and Security staff, U.S. Secret Service, and FBI investigators. System responsible for identification and verification of threats against the President, his family, and terrorist threats directed at the President and the White House.

23 Million Electronic Mail Records

In 1996, the Executive Office of the President employed a single Lotus Notes server to collect and process less than 10,000 electronic mail messages per day for Presidential and Federal National Archives Records. Coordinated and guided the design and development of a multi-server Lotus Domino records management system employing three servers.

Since the beginning of the current Bush Administration, this system has collected and processed 23 million electronic mail messages. Designed and utilized automated and staff auditing procedures to verify completeness of collection and processing.

Ask the White House

Designed and managed the implementation of this online interactive forum, the first of its kind in politics. It allows citizens to interact with Bush administration officials and others.

Launched in April 2003, citizens have participated in over 200 online discussions with Cabinet Secretaries, Senior White House Officials, and behind-the-scenes White House professionals.

White House Visitors

Physical security at the White House and Executive Office complex in tightly controlled by the U.S. Secret Service. Designed, coordinated and guided development, deployed, and managed a Lotus Domino interface for White House and EOP staff to request USSS review of visitors prior to allowing access.

Automated electronic mail enabled system originally required to handle 100 visitor requests per day. System expanded to support Intranet access and large party Social Office requests. System now handles over 500 visitor requests per day serving thousands of individual visitors to the White House and EOP complex.

White House E-mail Updates

The White House Press Office is a vital news source of national and international importance. Worked with White House, EOP, and vendor staff to specify operational requirements for a secure Internet list server. Coordinated deployment, configuration, acceptance testing, and security hardening of two-server list management system.

Developed the White House Web site two-step, "double opt-in," process to protect citizen privacy. First, a subscriber must affirmatively choose to receive e-mail updates by filling out the subscription form. Second, a message is sent to the e-mail address submitted during the subscription process to verify the person at that address actually wants to receive e-mail updates from the White House.

System supported 100,000 subscribers with daily time-sensitive news releases to White House Press Corp and other major news outlets around the world.

Maintained computer system providing major newswire feeds from Associated Press, United Press International, Knight-Ridder, DowVision, LA Times/Washington Post, and others for the White House Press Office and National Security Council.


In concert with Lotus Domino, Microsoft network, Sun Sparc, IBM mainframe, and Internet security professionals helped design, deploy, and maintain a highly secure, world-class electronic mail Intranet and Internet gateway system for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The system provides fax, pager, and Blackberry services for the Office of Administration, Office of Management and Budget, the White House, and a dozen other offices within the EOP.

Well over 1 million messages a month pass through these systems. Provided 24x7 on-call services 365 days a year since 1996.

Developed, deployed, and maintained a mail system monitoring system providing fifteen minute and 30 minute updates on the status of all the mail servers and gateways in the EOP complex. System continuously monitored by EOP Data Center operators.

Spriggs Consulting
Herndon, VA
1996 - 1996

Consultant - Completed consulting contract with AIRINC of Annapolis, MD. Project for Senior Vice President studying the use of digital signature technologies in Federal Aviation Administration pilot certification process.

Unified Communications, Inc
Arlington, VA
1993 - 1995

Consultant SCO Unix Systems

Provided system design, deployment, configuration, and installation services for SCO Unix-based electronic mail switching system. Supported mail transfer agents for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, TCPIP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol systems, and international X.400 electronic mail systems.

Digital Signatures

On contract with Federal agency to explore the possibility of providing digital signing and digital signature certification systems. Assisted in the design of pilot projects to test the feasibility of deploying a digital signature certification hierarchy within the Federal Government. Advised senior Government lawyers and executives on technical and business implications of digital signature technologies.

AAC Associates, Inc
Vienna, VA
1987 - 1993

Product & Project Manager Electronic Mail Gateways

Primary responsibility for the successful introduction of an electronic mail gateway between VAX Message Router and PC LAN mail systems such as Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Mail, and 3Com Mail.

MBLink Mail Exchange is a family of distributed peer-to-peer mail system gateways patterned after the X.400 messaging and X.500 directory standards. These low-cost, high-function software solutions provide transparent and seamless integration for electronic mail systems. Full directory synchronization is available. The users of one system can address users of other systems through MBLink® Mail Exchange without either knowing they are using a gateway.

Conceived, evaluated and determined new product features. Managed an email product line from concept to final release, maintained product focus and vision. Designed and coordinated the overall product creation from concept, engineering, marketing, finance and production before launch.

Typically worked in cross-functional teams to keep the creative, technical, and business people focused. Recognized as the principal resource for product information. Guided development efforts by maintaining close customer contacts along with strong technical knowledge of different electronic mail systems. Worked with in-house support and sales staff.

Along with other senior executives helped negotiate U.S. and international distribution systems for this startup electronic mail gateway developer.

Computer Trainer

Primarily responsible for completing user training on a variety of desktop systems on contract to the Naval Sea Systems Command in Crystal City, Virginia including Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Spreadsheet and WordPerfect. Regularly reported on overall project status in accordance with contract specifications. Participated extensively in evaluation and planning efforts for a new electronic mail system and gateway services for 2000 NAVSEA users.

Technical Writer

Wrote and edited original documentation, such as equipment manuals, appendices, and operating and maintenance instructions. Researched technical information. Prepared illustrations, photographs, diagrams, and charts; and assist in graphic layouts. Tested software for accuracy and usability. Projects involved preparing individual sections of complex manuals or other technical documents, and organized the complete production of basic manuals.

Spriggs Enterprises
McLean, VA
1983 - 1987

Consultant - Completed a variety of small business consulting contracts providing business analysis and computer system and networking services.

Newbury Junior College
Boston, MA
1982 - 1983

Instructor - Taught Microeconomics, Business Organization, and Math.

Spriggs Enterprises
Tuscaloosa, AL
1979 - 1982

Consultant - Taught Microeconomics at the University of Alabama. Completed consulting contract with the Juvenile Court of Tuscaloosa County Alabama providing justification for county-wide juvenile detention facility.

Strategic Planning Institute
Cambridge, MA
1978 - 1979

The PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy) Program is the only strategic information database of real world data, at the business and line of business level in the world. Refer to for more information. The PIMS Program of the Strategic Planning Institute, originated at the General Electric Company, and further refined at the Harvard Business School, includes the real world business performance experiences of more than 3,000 businesses representing 16,000+ years of data.

The PIMS project is a large scale study designed to measure the relationship between business actions and business results. The project was initiated and developed at the General Electric Company from the mid-1960s and expanded upon at the Management Science Institute at Harvard in the early 1970s. Since 1975 The Strategic Planning Institute has continued the development and application of the PIMS research.

The comprehensive profiles of over 3,000 strategic experiences constitute this unique data pool. The items of information were collected by PIMS' trained professionals working directly with participating companies to assure data integrity. The data covers the important characteristics of the market environment, the state of competition, the strategy pursued by each business and the results obtained.

Taking a data-driven, empirical approach, PIMS has provided insights that have had a profound impact on business strategy thinking. PIMS principles are taught in most business schools; PIMS data has been used in dozens of academic articles; and PIMS theory guides the thinking of senior executives in major companies around the world.

Completed survey of Fortune 500 business strategic planning executives to determine explanation for abnormal business profit performance.

Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Washington, DC
1975 - 1978

Senior Economist, GS-0110-13 - Served the United States Congress as a Senior Economist in the Business & Industry Section, Economics Division, Congressional Research Service.

Prepared objective, non-partisan analytical studies and descriptive and background reports on issues of national or international significance. Provided personal consultation and assistance to congressional committees, Members, and staff on public policy issues throughout the legislative process.

Participated in or led a team on research projects and seminars. Provided public policy and legislative analysis and consultation to congressional committees, Members, and staff at increasingly sophisticated levels.

General Services Administration
Falls Church, VA
1974 - 1974

Accountant, GS-0510-9 - Indian Trust Accounting Division of GSA provides accounting services to the Department of Justice on Indian trust funds. It assists in the defense against Indian tribal claims by providing accounting reports, other evidential materials, and expert witness testimony pertaining to accounting policies, practices, and procedures.

Touche Ross & Company
Birmingham, AL
1973 - 1974

Auditor - Developed an understanding of the company's audit approach, methodology & tools. Established working relationships with client personnel. Performed analytical review of audit documents. Reviewed client accounting and operating procedures and systems of internal control. Identified accounting and auditing issues.

Performed research to solve issues that arose during tests and audit procedures. Exhibited a professional, business-like demeanor. Prepared financial statement reports and documentation supporting company's audit opinions.

Applied concepts of risk assessment. Designed and performed tests of internal controls. Provided recommendations for improved controls and enhanced business efficiency. Possessed excellent professional oral and written communication skills.

U. S. Air Force
Various locations
1968 - 1973

Electronics Technician - Telecommunications technician repairing ground radio equipment. Quality control inspector. Ensured the protection of the life and property of the people and aircraft that depend on the accuracy and reliability of Air Traffic Control and Landings System.

Demonstrated ability to investigate, analyze, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, maintain, modify, calibrate, install, verify and perform quality control and independent certification of ground radio equipment and facilities used to support the mission and other Air Traffic requirements on the Air Base.

Installed, modified, tested, repaired, overhauled, calibrated, maintained and verified/certified performance of geographically dispersed equipment throughout the base, most complex integrated and interfacing electronic systems consisting of numerous interrelated subsystems.

Determined when systems were operational or when to advise the removal from operation for repair or troubleshooting. Diagnosed cause of equipment degradation and malfunction of geographically dispersed equipment throughout the base systems and subsystems through application of electronic theory, system analysis, use of test equipment, schematics, wiring diagrams and mathematical analysis.

Performed preventive and scheduled maintenance and inspection on all equipment assigned, and used the overall objectives, guidelines and resources available, as directed and provided by the Chief of Maintenance. Provided technical guidance, training and assistance to other technicians and conducted on-the-job (OJT) training to apprentices in all phases of work.


Top Secret

Full Field 15-year FBI Background Investigation
TS-SCI, Executive Office of the President of the United States
DoD Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA)
FBI Task Force


Business Management Years: 20
Management Information Systems/Office Automation 20
Project & Product Management 10
System Administration 10
Software Engineering 10
Internet & Web Systems Interface 10
Lotus Domino Database/Server Administration 8
UNIX System Administration 6
Windows NT Administration 6
Instructor & Trainer 5


University of Alabama, Birmingham
GPA 3.5 - BS Degree


AC 12 - Principals of Accounting - Grade: B
AC 53 - Financial Accounting I - B
AC 54 - Financial Accounting II - C
AC 101 - Cost & Managerial Accounting - A
AC 107 - Income Tax Procedures - B
AC 132 - Auditing - A
AC 161 - Advanced Cost Accounting - B

Business Management

BA 51 - Business Finance - A
BA 52 - Principals of Management - A
BA 53 - Fundamentals of Marketing - B
BA 54 - Quantitative Analysis I (Statistics)- B
BA 55 - Quantitative Analysis II (Statistics)- A
BA 58 - Social-Political Environment of Business B
BA 150 - Business Policies & Decisions - B
SPC 5 - Business & Professional Speech - B


EC 12 - Principals of Economics - A
EC 54 - Microeconomics - A
EC 55 - Macroeconomics - A
EC 112 - Location of Economic Activity - A
EC 56 - Manpower Economics - A
EC 103 - Monetary Economics - A
EC 199 - Directed Reading in Labor Economics - A
EC 104 - Public Economic Policies - A
EC 115 - International Econ & Multintl Firms - A

ENV 2 - Physical Science of Environment - B
EH 5 - English Literature - B
EH 76 - Black Man in American Literature - A
ENV 3 - Population Pressures & Environment - B
MA 20 - Survey of Calculus - A

The American University
Washington, DC
GPA 3.5 - MA Degree

19.500 - Price Theory - Grade: A
19.501 - Income Theory I - B
19.510 - Cost-Benefit Analysis - A
19.521 - Mathematical Economic Analysis - A
19.522 - Econometrics I - A
19.523 - Econometrics II - B
19.551 - International Economic Theory - B
19.703 - Microeconomic Analysis - B
19.690 - Directed Reading in Math Economics - B
19.690 - Directed Study in Math Economics - B

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
GPA 3.5 - MA Degree

BCE 512 - Counseling: Process & Theory
BCE 513 - Vocational Development & Info Services
BCE 515 - Practicum I in Counseling
BCE 515 - Practicum II in Counseling
BCE 518 - Introduction to Community Counseling
BCE 521 - Group Procedures in Counseling
BCE 522 - Measurement, Eval & Research in Guidance
BCE 610 - Summer Counseling Practicum
BCE 614 - Case Studies in Counseling
BCE 618 - Advanced Theories of Counseling
BCE 625 - Internship/Field Work in Comm Counseling
BER 540 - Statistical Methods in Education
- Adult Deveopment
- Factor Analysis
HRM 527 - Human Resouce Management
- Advanced Seminar in Grant Development
- Mgmt & Admin in Social Services
HD 562 - Dynamics of Family Relations
BEP 657 - Clinical Study in Normal & Abnml Behavior
BEP 562 - Personality Development


Knowlogy Inc
Visio 2003 Professional Level 2
Arlington, Virginia

George Washington University
School of Business & Public Management
Managing Projects

Popkin Software
System Architecture Fundamentals & BPMN,
Arlington, Virginia

Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft 2000 Network Administration
Washington DC

Northrop Grumman, Inc
Capability Maturity Model
Washington DC

U.S. Air Force
Basic Electronics & Ground Radio Technician School


Extraordinary Achievement Award
Northrop Grumman, Inc

Beta Gamma Sigma
International Honor Society for Business

Omicron Delta Epsilon
International Honor Society for Economics

Kappa Delta Pi
International Honor Society in Education


University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
School of Education
MA Community Counseling
GPA: 3.5 out of 4

The American University
Washington, DC
School of Arts & Sciences
MA Economics
GPA: 3.5 out of 4

University of Alabama Birmingham
School of Business
BS Accounting & Economics